YG Cable



Y/G cable refers to a type of electrical cable used for grounding purposes. The “Y” and “G” likely stand for “Yellow” and “Green,” respectively, which are common colors used to indicate ground conductors in electrical wiring. It is coated with PVC yellow colour with green single/ double lining and it is also known as Earthing cable because it is mainly used for earthing purpose. The composition of YG Cable is as 90% Yellow and 10% Green.
In electrical systems, the ground wire (often green or bare) is used to provide a safe path for electrical currents to dissipate into the earth in the event of a fault or short circuit. This helps protect people and equipment from electric shock and reduces the risk of fires.
If you’re working with electrical wiring and need to use ground wires, it’s important to follow local electrical codes and safety guidelines to ensure proper installation and minimize the risk of electrical hazards.


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