ACSR Conductors



ACSR Conductors, which stands for Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced, are widely used in electrical power transmission and distribution systems. These conductors are designed with a central core of high-strength steel wires surrounded by multiple layers of aluminium strands. The steel core provides excellent mechanical support and enhances the conductor’s overall strength, allowing it to withstand the mechanical stresses and tensions experienced during installation and operation. The outer layers of aluminium strands offer high electrical conductivity, making ACSR Conductors efficient for transmitting electricity over long distances. This combination of aluminium’s conductivity and steel’s strength results in a conductor that is lightweight, durable, and capable of carrying heavy electrical loads with minimal power losses. ACSR Conductors are commonly used in overhead power lines, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for transmitting electricity from power plants to distribution substations and further to homes, businesses, and industries. Their widespread use and proven performance make them a crucial element in ensuring a stable and efficient electrical power supply to meet the demands of modern society.



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