Quality Policy

Motto of Annapurna Cables Industries Pvt. Ltd. is to provide the customer satisfaction through qualiity service and product confriming to relevant specification at competitive price to meet or exceed customer requriment, which will be achived through continous improvement in qualiity of work enhanching employee inmvolement at all levels and by using best aviable resoruces .

Features of Rathi Wires & Cables

These cables are manufactured in “Rathi” and “Annapurna” brands are well renowned in Nepal market for its high quality assurance

  • Made form quality raw materials
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified company.
  • Awarded with NS mark Nepal Bureau of Standard & Metrology .
  • Follow Naiton (NS) & international Standard (IS,BS, IEC) and customer specification .
  • Manufacturing expericence in the field of conductor and cable for 3 decades.
  • Quipped machineries to produce 1.5sq. mm to 1000sq. mm power cables.
  • In house testing facility and opportunity to inspect to every stages of manufacturing
  • Manned by highly experienced and trained engineers and professionals
  • Well established packaging and delivery system
  • Quality product and services at competitive price
  • A long list of customer ranging from giant private sector to public sector.

The Production Process

The production process is the heart of Rathi branded wires and cables. Each production step considers the proper resource utilization and energy conservation. The product design and production planning along with housekeeping activities are highly considered during production process. The mass balance is taken care in each step of operational techniques. The product properties are considered to be unaffected by environmental conditions in use, and cable properties such as Conductivity, Tensile strength, Elongation, Insulation thickness, Continuity, Mass, Shape and Size of conductors are taken care by the production and laboratory supervisors at every meter of production.