Our mission, vision, and values strengthen each of the customized solutions we specialize in. One of the cornerstones of our 20-year-old company has always been our technically superior, hands-on sales professionals, who are quick to consult with you in the field or on the phone. They thrive on delivering dynamic product demonstrations, carefully assessing your needs, and are always recommending ways we can help you cut down on the costs associated with repairing and replacing damaged or worn-out cable. We pride ourselves in being curious and qualified problem-solvers who will eagerly listen to your specific story and provide precise, application-specific recommendations.


To be a team of highly skilled experts who collaborate and communicate clearly with customers to optimize their operations through quality products, custom solutions, and innovative thinking. Our wire and cable services are intentionally positioned to add value that will boost your organization’s ability to innovate your products and maximize your operational efficiency — so you can compete at the top of your market. We take pride in that, too.


We're laser-focused on powering customer performance worldwide.

To get there, we:

• Succeed by being agile
• Build quality into everything we do
• Champion continuous improvement
• Set high standards and ambitious goals

Our Core Values

We’re consistently driven by the core values of respect, trust, ethics, and accountability. We’re action-oriented, value teamwork, and above all, hold innovation as one of the highest values our company can (and does) achieve daily. People are our most valuable asset.
To show this, we:
• Take full accountability for our actions and the results they lead to
• Treat everyone with dignity and respect — within our company, with our customers, and with every single partner and vendor we interact with
• Take immense pride in what we do
• Always act with a sense of urgency
• Believe in developing our people so they can fulfill their innate talents and intelligence

Customers are at the heart of what we do. To show this, we:

• Respond to customer needs with urgency
• Deliver on every commitment, no matter how big or small
• Develop and use breakthrough ideas to innovate
• Always provide excellent customer service

We are one company strong. To show this, we:

• Foster an environment of collaboration
• Strive to be the employer of choice by creating a fun and positive culture
• Respect debate and value its role in reaching the optimal decision
• Know we will always win with teamwork